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The Ruta Vía de la Plata is based on an ancient route, older even than the more famous Camino de Santiago. Although it reportedly existed before the Romans arrived, it was they who developed and paved the road (‘Plata’ coming from the Arab word for paved). There are some great descriptions of this route, from people like John Hayes in his guide books as well as a whole organization, the Ruta Vía de la Plata.

So we have two great reasons to cycle this route, or at least, a good portion of the route; one historic with a whole series of towns or cities, usually no more than a day’s bike ride apart, and the other modern - excellent infrastructure. These two factors along with plenty of bodegas along the way should provide plenty of sights and tastes to sample. We shall also be going ‘fuera del pavimento’ for selected sections as the will and inclination allows.


I’ll be cycling from Hendaye to Burgos, meet up with David, then the two of us will continue on through Zamora and then south through Seville to either Gilbratar or possibly Cadiz (again depending up on the mood and inclination on the day).

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