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Windhoek rest days

Tuesday was always going to be a bus day from Gobabis into Windhoek. As recently as 2019-2020 they’d cycle all the way in, but we’re told that increased traffic and just no shoulder at all on a 2-lane highway makes it now unacceptable.

Fine by me, as I really dislike trying to enter a major city in afternoon traffic. That I can do without.

We were all ready to go by 07:00 but the transport only showed up closer to 8:00; no worries, as we reached ‘Urban Camp’ in Windhoek by 11:30 or so, well ahead of check-in time. Given the as expected early arrival on Tuesday, and not having to pedal a stroke, it effectively translates into two rest days; even better by me. I’d booked David and I into a nearby B&B, the SandRose; we walked over there from Urban Camp before noon, met the host and we’re pleasantly surprised to be allowed to check-in more or less straight away. Straight away that is, after having some fresh espresso brewed up for us, and chatting with the very amusing and welcoming Paolo. He and his partner Sarie have done an amazing job in restoring/modifying a collection of rooms and structures into a really impressive place, by anyone’s standards. Highly recommended for anyone coming through Windhoek.

Then we’re off to Joe’s Beerhouse for lunch and a look-see. Then follow that with the normal rest day chores of laundry and bike maintenance, expanded this time ‘round by the need to swap out my normal tarmac tires for 50 mm (2-inch) knobbys which will hopefully see me through the next 9 days of sand and gravel riding. I got the tires changed all right, set and pumped up. I’m going with tubeless on this tour; will see how the ‘bead holds’ overnight and as it’s by now 6:00 pm, I’ll worry about adding sealant in the morning.


After a truly good breakfast and multiple Italian roast coffees at the Sandrose, it’s a short 50 m walk to Urban Camp and the bikes, etc. Rear tire flat … hmmm. Sealant added to both rear and front and tires re-inflated. Some more fiddling about with this and that in the bike world, and once again lunch time; Joe’s Beerhouse beckons.

Post nap, tried to find a suspected leak in my air mattress by floating about in the SandRose swimming pool in the late afternoon; unsuccessful in terms of leakage. Perhaps it’s just operator error on my part.

Another quiet dinner with David and Dennis - this time, Portuguese influenced seafood, which proved to be really fresh, really good.

Tomorrow will be start of the crux of this tour, I think - sand and gravel and heat. Can’t wait!

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