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Tailwinds Continued

Updated: May 7, 2023

Stage 4: El Gouna to Safaga

Up early, dismantle tent and pack up, etc. Good strong camp coffee to kickstart the motor, another healthy portion of porridge with fruit and we got away shortly after 7:00. Initial strong headwinds to make it the 5 kilometres or so back out of El Gouna to the highway. Once we swung left (south), we were flying along at 25-35 kph without breathing too hard. Wonderful.

Well, wonderful for those of us who made the correct turn to the right at petrol station 8 km down the road. Not so wonderful for those who missed it. Red Sea mountains stunning in morning light (I should learn to stop and take a photo occasionally).

Made lunch stop by 10:00 ... quick refuel and we’re into Safaga camp site just after 11:00. I thought last night was flash, this place is beyond. We’ve set up tents on beach front, but TDA booked a couple of rooms for all to use for showers, etc. A very relaxing afternoon; first, a good swim in the Red Sea followed by the obligatory Stella (500 ml Egyptian lager) while erecting tent. Shave and shower, second lunch with second Stella and ... nap time. All good.

Omar (TDA bike mechanic) gave a short clinic later in afternoon on keeping our drive trains cleaned from the sand and grit which will be a lot more persuasive than most of us used to, I’m sure. Daily riders meeting at 17:45 and dinner at 18:00 put on by hotel.

Long day promised for tomorrow.

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