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Samburu Country

Bus Day: Laisamis to Isiolo

Today really feels like a rest day; an extra hour of sleep, no rush at breakfast, bikes loaded onto the trucks so less to worry about on that front, only about a 3-hour bus ride, and best surprise, shaded grassy camping in hotel gardens. Not to mention the showers and toilets.

Saying all that, a pity we couldn’t have ridden the ~150 km of good tarmac. Low traffic, and great scenery for at least the first 2/3 or so. We even spotted our first giraffe of the trip!

Photo courtesy Michiel van Walsem

However, we’re advised by the TDA crew that basic security precludes allowing cyclists on this stretch of road. This due to a serious issue a few years back.

I took advantage of the hotel/garden situation and even had a Tusker beer with our late lunch. Then a few ‘rest day‘ things like doing a bit of laundry, and checking the bike (which seems fine with only a days ride on it since a thorough going-over on Monday). A thundershower swept across us mid-afternoon; only a bit of rain but it cooled everything down pleasantly, proving perfect for an afternoon nap.

It’s still a nice temperature this evening as I write this up.

This hotel has a resident colony of Kenya Rock Hyrax, Heterohyrax brucie, also known as Bruce's Dassie. These guys seemingly adapted from rocks to the trees and hotel roof, however. We were welcomed by one of them screeching at us for invading its territory, or perhaps just affronted that we weren’t offering food quickly enough.

A challenging day coming up: scavenger hunt! Also a matter of ~1500 m climbing right out of camp, but that’s tomorrow’a concern.

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