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Rest Day - Marsabit

What a treat to be able to sleep in; 07:30 breakfast here at the centre ... did all the usual rest day stuff: laundry, walked into town with Jolien to hit the ATM, a few items at the shop, coffee turning into an early lunch. My legs still really tired, so I flagged a ‘boda boda’ or motorcycle ride back to the centre.

Yesterday must have been tougher than I thought; I’m dragging like an old man today, feeling much more tired than after any other stage so far. Nap was definitely called for.

Re-surfacing about 3:00, it’s overdue bike cleaning/maintenance time. Omar had been trying to get me back to tubeless, working on the matter much of the day (while I was sleeping ... guilt). In the event, too many holes in the tires, and despite plugging, patching, they don’t hold sealant. Back to tubes for me, it is. Oh well.

Bags sorted for the morning, bike prepped. Dinner here at the centre again with about half the group in attendance, others being more energetic and making an earlier trek into town.

White boards posted for the next section; we’ll be in Nairobi for another rest day next Sunday. Only 3 days riding, with 2 days on a bus. The first bus day due to security issues, the second due to Nairobi traffic and cyclist safety.

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Karen Robyn
Karen Robyn

"We" cycled into Nairobi, but it was an awful, long, and frustrating convoy for most of it. I had that fantastic safari tent waiting for me and I know the convoys are almost always a pain, so I opted for the truck and an early start to the rest days. I think the decision to bus is a happy one for you!

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