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Rest Day - Lilongwe

A very relaxing day, all in all. The main issue of concern was to swap out my left hand brake shifter for the new GRX unit brought out by Dennis. This proved to be a more significant task than anticipated, but was eventually completed by Kenny the mechanic mid-afternoon.  After that, just a matter of cleaning the drive train and checking everything else over; all good to go.

Take care of laundry, of course. It was only much later in the night that I remembered I was also going to try and get my tool /seat bag repaired; oh well, will try to get to it once we hit Lusaka.

The next 5-day stretch will be tough; I’ve never done back-to-back +170 km rides, so am wondering how it’ll work out. I think the heat is my major concern; mornings are lovely, but the warm afternoons coupled with the current humidity patterns definitely take their toll on one’s enthusiasm.

Note that there's a rest day between stage 40 and 41.

I didn’t stray far from Mabuya Camp or the nearby hotel; I take rest days seriously.

Afternoon thunderstorm and deluge; Lilongwe rush hour on a Friday afternoon at 17:45 hours.

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1 Comment

Mar 11, 2023

Good to hear you have your brake repaired and good luck with the +170k rides! Enjoy following along with your daily updates.

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