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Orange River - rest day

A relaxing day at the Felix Unite Provenance Camp on the Orange River. All the usual rest day stuff except this morning treated us to watching the sun come up in a leisurely fashion.

Breakfast, relocate from Cabana no.4 to no.15 (not sure why this was necessary, but…), laundry (possibly but not probably last of the trip?), clean the bike and especially the drive train, decided to keep my gravel tyres on (650b x 50), and just pump them up from their present 25 psi to around 50 psi for the coming tarmac, catch up with the overdue blog posts and some photo re-organization.

An all too short short nap after lunch.

We’re told only this morning of a change in the routes for the 2nd and 3rd last days; so download those revised routes and get them onto the Garmin. Make sure I’ve got passport and pen, etc., ready for the crossing into South Africa tomorrow.

Think back especially on the past 6 days riding; tough, long, hot, dusty and overall just amazing.

  • 🍺/🍷 time, Felix Unite camp

Think ahead somewhat to the next 6 days of riding; this adventure and my extended 'gap year' will be over in a blink, it seems.

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1 Comment

Apr 17, 2023

I can't believe you are almost done. Enjoy the last stretch.

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