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Morning Fog

Updated: May 6, 2023

Stage 6: Salamanca to Béjar- 82 km

Only 7° upon wakening too early at 06:45; breakfast not open until 08:00. Started off ok in clear skies but very soon find ourselves enveloped in medium fog which lasted for about an hour before burning off. Lots of roadies out out for Saturday morning club rides, looking very proficient as they whizzed past us, fully kitted out.

Roads fantastic; narrow lanes with what little traffic existing being very polite, respectful to cyclists. Open rolling countryside, cattle grazing dominant. Some hills, but also long descents.

Stopped at little corner bar in Endrinal for break; chorizo bocatillo and super spicy pickles a definite pickup.

Lots of granite fence posts, dry stone walls (again, granite), lots of oak trees providing welcome shade in the roads as the afternoon steadily warms. Then many switch backs on steep climb up toward Béjar, destination for the day.

Great old hotel, sort of Art Deco design. I think it’s seen better days than present. Excellent dinner in nearby cafe, at least half a cow being presented on platter. Did my best!

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