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Maun rest day

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Maun has certainly grown in the intervening years (I’m stunned at just how many years it’s been, too); round-abouts and traffic lights, and even mini traffic jams. A pretty good day, all in all. Proper plug adapters with built-in USB outlets found and purchased - check.  Laundry done - check. Bike’s drive train cleaned and re-lubricated - check. Generous amount of sealant added to both tires - check. A dip in the pool and afternoon snooze - check.

Found the Duck Café by the airport in the late afternoon as temperatures dropped marginally below 30° but times have changed; it now closes at 5:00 pm (not closer to 5:00 am as in the years gone by).  Plan B got us to Marc’s Eatery for a truly delicious Botswana beef filet and bottle of SA Cabernet Sauvignon. So all well in that department.

Bags packed and ready for 05:30 loading onto the trucks tomorrow (Friday) morning.

I’ll worry about the next 4 days, one day at a time.

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