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High-Fives from the little kids

Stage 20: Rufaa bush camp to another bush camp

Swirling cross winds most of the morning, but not really bad; road surface not any worse than yesterday, so reasonable time made in first half of the day, at least.

Very noticeable were the massive lineups of vehicles at the petrol stations along the way. I’m told they’re waiting on diesel and that the wait can involve days. Mid-afternoon, I did pass a convoy of 3-4 tanker trucks, northbound ... maybe these are empty trucks returning from further south, maybe Ethiopia? I can’t see there being a refinery to the south of us, and Port Sudan is well to the northeast (oil import point).

Since coming south from a Khartoum, kids just run to say hello ... maybe try for a slap finger tips. No sign of rocks.

The landscape finally shifts to rolling hills of outcropping granite; the road swings from southeast to east, to parallel. Crosswinds make for a long afternoon, but eventually we reach camp.

It’s been a hot, windy day.

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1 Comment

Karen Robyn
Karen Robyn
Feb 11, 2020

All good so far! Ethiopia beckons... As I understand it South Sudan got all the oil in the split. We noticed many abandoned gas stations in Sudan and I seem to remember those big tankers coming through... something sketchy about that, I don't remember the details but I believe fuel in Sudan is a black market activity.

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