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Finally - apple pie

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Stage 77 (58): Tolou's Lodge to Helmeringhausen

Another day of gravel; today however, the washboard gave way to a relatively good surface after the first hours. Some very long straight sections sap the initiative; one longs for a bend in the road, a sudden change in the scenery. The section after lunch rises steadily and goes on for over 12 km. The day warms but the heat not so enervating as yesterday.

  • dawn - Tolou's camp

Helmeringhausen is just a village; general store, petrol/service station and the hotel. The main road is paved for approx. 200 m. I scarf down two Magnum ice-cream bars; later, I think about the half-litre of caramel-chocolate ice cream in the freezer box, but the shop closed at 5:00 so I missed out on that gluttony.

  • Helmeringhausen hotel entrance

I get us a room for the night; didn’t feel like wrestling with the tent. The bed is possibly softer than the previous night’s sandy campsite, but only marginally. Water in the shower is hot, though. I finally manage to score a piece of the ‘renowned Namibian apple pie, courtesy of Christy and Peggy who put my order in while the limited supplies held. It’s ok - good but by no means great.

There’s 3G cellular but no chance of posting these blogs until later, unfortunately. I have to try and write them up though, otherwise it’s becoming a bit of a blur.

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