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Dickey Goes Sailing

Almost a 3 full years later and I’m returning to Arusha to pick up this ride, more or less where we were forced to abandon back in March, 2020. Millions of deaths due to the pandemic, a grinding war in the Ukraine, earthquakes with terrible loss of life in Turkey and Syria, further degradation of our environment and I’m again in the air helping to burn yet more Jet-A. One’s capacity for self-justification really does have no limits.

The current winter on the Coast hasn’t been kind to cycling in terms of getting out a lot, but I’ve tried to maintain a semblance of form. I’m almost certainly delusional on that issue. Packing up the bike and camp gear again, and trying to learn from experience leads me to reduce my bags by ~25% compared to what I took before; perhaps that’s progress. Leaving home doesn’t get easier, though. Once again my Soigneur proves herself a Star in all matters.

Side note: cleaning out a bureau the other day (looking for something?) a lost treasure is found - an early ‘novella’ by J. Campbell describing a somewhat autobiographical account of an even earlier trip to Africa. It seems appropriate to share:

This ride will be different I know from ‘20; twice (at least?) the number of riders with only 3 anticipated to be returning from our original group who departed Cairo in January '20, and a different crew of course. That’s a bit sad, although on the other hand, lots and lots of new people to aggravate.

I’ll try to post this from the layover in Schiphol before the next leg south to Arusha (actually Kilimanjaro airport). Perhaps I’ll also be able to confirm location of the checked baggage (bike carton and duffel bag)! Yes!! Bike and duffel within metres of gate according to the tracking gizmos.

And a double Yes!! … have just met up with Rachel.

Almost a 3 full years later and my legs are no younger. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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1 Comment

Carolyn Schilter
Feb 19, 2023

Have a great trip!!! Always love your blogs, Kit!


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