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Rest Days: Nairobi

Just as well I was in a room last night (Friday night); it definitely rained at some point, and packing up a wet tent and fly never my favourite thing. I think that was our first rain since leaving Cairo.

Also just as well we bussed into Nairobi; the closer we got, the worse the traffic became. I truly didn’t miss cycling one bit of it. Our camp is at the Wildebeest EcoCamp in Karen, on the southwestern side of the city. It’s a particularly lovely spot with beautiful gardens. I opt for a garden tent, treating myself to a couple of nights to relative luxury in a real bed.

Because of the bus, we arrive about noon; plenty of time on Saturday afternoon for laundry and bicycle cleaning/maintenance. Nice afternoon ... this is a great place just to relax, far from the city.

Another rain squall comes in at some point overnight; I hear it only faintly on the canvas overhead.

Sunday morning I go to the Karen Blixen Museum which is is relatively close-by. The main draw is the house, designed in 1912(?) by a Swedish Engineer Ake Sjogren, and then subsequently purchased by Danish Author Karen Blixen (using the pen name Isak Dinesen) and her Swedish Husband, Baron Bror von Blixen Fincke. Located ~10 km from the city centre, the Museum belongs to a different time period in the history of Kenya. The farm house gained international fame with the release of the movie ‘Out of Africa.’ The house itself turns out to be nice, but not remarkable? A liveable house I feel, simple in design, functional, inviting. The gardens are, however, remarkable. Expansive and one can easily see the appeal, although I can’t see the Ngong Hills due to the low cloud.

The remainder of the day floats by easily; meeting the 11 (!) new sectional riders joining, and saying goodbye to Bob and Özgür.

Looking forward to getting back on the road in the morning, although sadly it’ll be our last full day in Kenya.

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