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Rest Day - Luxor

Updated: May 7

Very chill day, all in all. I’m not sure about the morning but suddenly it was 1:00 pm and I hadn’t left the camp; worked on my blog of course, and carried out a major re-think of what goes in daily vs permanent bag (and I’m not alone on that issue, later conversations revealed), and chatting with whomever.

After a good lunch, albeit sans beer, walked with Greg over to the Karnak Temple for another look-see although in the end, I declined actually entering, thinking I’d keep strolling along the corniche, it being such a great afternoon. So I did that instead. Returned to camp ... grabbed half an hour snooze, then got out bike to just give it another check-over. Saw that I’d mounted the front tyre wrong-way in terms of tread rotation the other rushed morning in Safaga, so corrected that error. Everything else looks good to go.

Accompanied by Jim, Pete & Naomi and Rachel, we set off late afternoon to find a beer and watch the sun go down. Alas, first bar identified didn’t sell alcohol. But under Pete’s guidance and a brisk 15 minutes walk upriver, we decadent types found a perfect location, and in plenty of time to have our Stella in hand and watch the river traffic and sunset... very nice.

Unfortunately, those who know me all too well will not be surprised that when it came time to settle up the bill, I’d ‘forgotten’ my wallet. A mere oversight! Jim being the very good man he is, stepped in to cover my usual professed embarrassment. To compound this situation, walking back to hotel in early evening, we ended up going for dinner; as we 5 entered, 6 TDA staff also piled in, making up two combined tables. Food orders submitted, then changed and re-entered when several of the initially chosen menu items not available that evening. After a very long wait, food did eventually come out of the kitchen. I do not believe a single order was correct, but ... all food was well received regardless, we being ravenous at that point and in all truth, it seemed to taste really good, disappearing off plates in short order.

So that was my rest day.

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