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Rest Day - Essaouria

I woke up with two missions in mind; a short charging cable for iPhone (so that the phone + battery pack will better fit into jersey pocket) and a replacement battery for my Cateye odometer. But first, breakfast. The hotel put on a true continental breakfast, featuring what I’m sure is the best French bread we’ve yet had in Morocco. The butter unsalted, however - what’s the sense in that?!

Setting off from the hotel and with guidance from Omar, I found the ‘street of electronics’ in about 500-600 m walking , just outside the Medina. The first shop I hit got me the cable; the second shop (immediately next door) got me the battery. By this time, it was only 10:20. I decided that I deserved a nous nous and a visit to a patisserie.

Wandered about the Medina for a bit, managed to find an ATM that actually accepted my card, and met up with Brad. Visited the fishing port and then made our way to the smaller (retail?) fish market within the Medina for lunch. We’re sat down at a wooden table; the guy takes off … is gone for a bit but then returns with a very large tray of fresh, uncooked seafood. Three types of fish, shrimp, squid and something else which I now forget. We choose the dorado or sea bream, the shrimp and the squid (for Brad). Another guy cooks it up and serves along with frites. It’s fabulous. Cost = MAD 360.00.

Obligatory nap in the afternoon, needless to report. I managed to find a rooftop terrace place serving beer and wine, so hit that for late afternoon attitude adjustment. All in all, Essaouria is a really nice town, and I’m disappointed to have to be leaving in the morning. Definitely worth a return visit

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1 Comment

Gerald Girard
Gerald Girard
May 11, 2022

Glad you enjoyed Essaouira. I loved it when I visited there for a few days back a few years ago. I as well have a photo of the blue skiffs ; )

I've been enjoying your journey. Thanks for sharing.

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