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Rest Day - Chefchaouen

A good lay-in this morning, followed by an appropriate breakfast. Didn’t bother with bike maintenance, as all seems ok from that recent power wash. But laundry a must, so a combination of the room’s handbasin and the hotel’s service rectified that issue.

Did a walk-about town in the morning while still relatively cool; followed my feet progressively downhill looking for the old Medina and got hopelessly lost but really didn’t mind. Eventually flagged down a ‘petit taxi’ who ferried me back up the hill and dropped me in the main plaza, which was fortunately adjacent to one of the gates into the old city. Cost me MAD 10.

A new discovery (thanks to bj for that tip) is nous nous (half milk, half espresso); I’ve had I think 3? of them today. Chicken tangine w/ lemon was last night’s dinner, beef tangine with prunes todays repast. Hope I can get my leg over the saddle tomorrow morning.

Chefchaouen is a photographer’s dream town; countless shots, and so many changing effects as the light lengthens, then retreats. Lots of construction going on, all found the old town, so very busy, and dusty, even on a Good Friday. It’s a touristy town, no mistake, but even with that, the local scene seems to dominate.

Lazy afternoon.

Re-sorted daily bag from ‘permanent bag’ making the former lighter. Both bags much much less full than the previous outing with TDA, which is still a puzzle to me. Clearly, I had packed far too much stuff for 2020.

Dead quiet outside now, apart from the town dogs barking their whatever’s to one another. Streets basically deserted right after sundown; I think locals all retreat inside respective homes for the day’s Iftar.

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