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Pre-Game Jitters

Updated: May 7, 2023

Virtually 10 months thinking, planning, what-if’ ing about his trip and today is akin to headless chicken. Where’s my Soigneur!

Our first real riders meeting this morning wherein tomorrow and the next 5 days after that, laid out for us by Tallis. Then back to room for another sort through daily vs permanent bag, adjustments to bike, all seems ok. Decide to venture out into Cairo traffic maelstorm for a couple of laps about hotel block; reminded me of my terrifying one-time Criterium ride in Denver eons ago, except this time the crazies around me were several tonnes heavier. Veered off onto relatively quiet back road, and picked up first flat. I knew it was a puncture as the tyre sealant is spurting into my face with each wheel revolution. However, Stan’s magic sealant seemed to eventually kick in and most of the tyre pressure held. One more victory lap and that was my first ride in about a month.

Went walk-about looking for pharmacy and eventually did find it, almost back at starting point. Purchased their very last packet of Imodium (my pending ‘best friend’); clearly, this pharmacy was popular with other TDA riders.

Decide to have a chillaxing beer with late lunch, then just time for nap. Phone rings as my eyes close and I’m required to vacate room, being doubled-up with another rider for the night. So scramble to pack everything and move, knocking off seat-bag supporting flat bar in process. Something wrong with handlebar bag as well, but no time to figure it out. New room is fine, no problem. Address handlebar bag issue and discover that I’ve mounted bracket upside down when doing bike re-assembly (knew that went too smoothly). Got that matter resolved, and then fiddled once more with seat bag supporting flat bar; not good. I think the last week in Vancouver and my final bike fit / check all systems and a subsequent saddle position re-adjustment tweak has caused me to lose some critical space on the saddle rails. Anyway, I don’t think my solution will hold, but we’ll see tomorrow.

Handed in permanent bag to truck about 16:00 and see that squared away. Back to room for more second- and third-thoughts. We’ll be getting up at 05:00 for breakfast, load daily bags into truck between 06:00 and 06:15; departure set for 06:45 with police and fire escort for the first ~3.5 km to Pyramids. What could possibly go wrong?

Nice moments with a couple of I think equally nervous riders in bar, dinner and in bed by 9:00 ... front tyre pressure holding so far, will check again in morning.

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