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No Room at the Alburgue

Stage 8 Plasencia -> Alcuéscar 130 km

Departed hotel early enough, then stopped within 50 m in the Plaza Mayor to have cafe con leche and a couple of yesterday’s churros (cold); a healthy start to the day. Still managed to actually get under way ~30 minutes before sunrise.

Morning ride very nice, with again rolling countryside, essentially cattle-type terrain; major climb of the day done at ~35 km, thereafter long descent to unknown-named and mostly dry reservoir. We see what we think might be ruins of a Roman bridge but so far unable to confirm. Thereafter rolling uphill for remainder of day. Traffic delightfully quiet.

Lunch at Casar de Cáceres; good re-fueling stop. Afternoon progressively warmer, peaking at we believe 31°. A bit of a struggle over the last hour or so with the heat and sore butt, but reached Alcuéscar just after 4:00. Alas, no answer at the designated guest house. Burnt up more calories searching out Alburgue and tried that; however, no ‘credentia’ for we un-holy types, so no bed!

Back up the road we just came down, to the corner ‘Los Olivos’ truck stop; feisty Sarah immediately put us into our places and simultaneously dinged us EUR 60 for the room (only 40 last night in proper hotel). I didn’t quibble; water was plentiful and hot, day was done.

Pretty good set course dinner; albeit the menu overly familiar to Peregrinos. Delightful evening watching the salamanders hunt across the patio walls. Temperature still in mid- to high-20s at 10:00.

Bedtime me.

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