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Long Game

Updated: Mar 3

Stage 43 (24): Babati to Singida

Waking up about 4:30, it seems to have stopped raining. Poking my head out the tent flap quickly corrects that impression; not real rain, just drizzle. Can’t say that I feel great, and this is soon confirmed after making it across the road and back. Lightheaded a bit, apart from the issue with my plumbing. Thinking about the ride, I decide to exercise some discretion, and take a longer view of what’s facing me over the remaining 6 days of this section. It’s hopping on board with the lunch truck for me; I’ll ride a half day from lunch spot, and try to recover.

Even the half day isn’t a cake walk, as temperatures again get into the mid 30s. But eventually, I reach Singdida and a relatively flash hotel. No rooms, but grass on which to camp, and showers not to mention swimming pool. I’m in there soon enough - wonderful.

A scrumptious dinner while we look out on Lake Singdida … should sleep well tonight.

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