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I miss my Brooks saddle!

Updated: May 6, 2023

Stage 5: Valladolid -> Salamanca: 120 km

Up and away in reasonable time; usual mingling with city rush hour traffic before getting on cycle way leading southwest out of town. About 20 km down by the time we really get away from the traffic, and cross over the Rio Pisuerga to look up toward Simancas.

Then the best ~20 km of the day to Tordesillas on the virtually deserted N-620; some climbing, sweeping turns affording stunning views in all almost directions. Truly a lovely section of road for cyclists.

Morning coffee at Tordesillas; a medieval-looking town centre. Entertained by work crew dismantling banners and overhead awnings; must have been some event recently?

Thereafter we follow the N-620 paralleling the newer expressway all the way to Salamanca. Sometimes close, sometimes further aways from that traffic, but never really disruptive. N-620 virtually deserted.

Last couple of hours not particularly inspiring; long flat straights, winds becoming noticeable, heavy truck traffic steadily increasing as we approach Salamanca. David successfully leads us into the Plaza Mayor just after 4:00 for some attitude modifying and very cold cervezas.

Eventually we rouse ourselves; there’s some event going on in town, and hotels apparently all full. We get a room all right but are reminded of the distinction between a double room and twin beds. Oh well, both too tired to worry much further. Reasonable paella and Rioja for dinner, but better hot chocolate and churros for desert. Another day done.

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