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Updated: May 5, 2023

Stage 2 Vitoria-Gasteiz -> Burgos: 135 km

Managed to get up, 3 yogurts with an apple and truly ‘unique-tasting’ vending machine coffee; on the bike shortly after 08:00, pre-sunrise in ~11° temperatures, cloudy skies. Encounter warm-up hill about 10 km into ride, jacket comes off straight-away.

Looking back back on the day, maybe not as interesting as the previous; landscapes more open. Mostly quiet deserted roads, rolling hills (lots of rolling hills). I can’t recall when I noticed the winds were in my face, but by 11:00 breakfast stop, they were there all right. Perhaps something should have clicked when I needed to be pedalling on the downhill stretches. Stopped again after 4:00 for a drink, checked weather to find out just what I was facing; Burgos weather reported 26 kph from WSW, directly head-on.

Made contact with David via messaging; he’d arrived in Burgos. Stopped for water and cool drink at Belogrado; this very much now on the main Route Frances, CdS. Continue along the Camino for a bit, gravel path right by busy N-120; eventually get into Burgos about 7:00 pm, more or less cooked to over-done.

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