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Fish River Canyon

Stage 79 (61): Cañon Farmyard to Cañon Roadhouse

A short day today, all to allow a tourist drive out to the Fish River Canyon in the late afternoon.

Supposed to be easy, but of course head and crosswinds had their say in the matter.

  • rare flowers, roadside desert

I’m the late afternoon, we jumped into an open-air landcruiser for the ~45 minute drive from camp out the Fish River Canyon (world’s second largest, apparently). This turned out to be a real highlight - a dramatic cut into the ground, seemingly coming out of nowhere. Very quiet out here in the desert - almost no breeze, just the serenity of this canyon which extends downward for approx. 1.5 billion years of geologic history, from the Karoo to the Mesoproterozoic. I'm really glad to have made the trip out to see this.

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