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Bus: Bahir Dar to Forest Camp

A long day in the back of a van, along with 6 others, all of us feeling less than 100%. From what I could see, it’s a really pretty section of country; high central plateau type of terrain. Expansive fields of teff and grazing cattle; running water in the small rivers and creeks which we passed over. By late morning, stands of coniferous trees, evidently being harvested commercially. Abundant signs of furniture being manufactured by road-side artisans.

It would be a lovely road to cycle; a real shame that pervasive harassment by kids and teens have forced TDA to abandon this section.

We arrived at our forest camp site in the early afternoon, situated well off the main road in another stand of coniferous trees. A perimeter is set up, and kids come out of the forest to see what’s going on, to study these strangers with their pop-up tents and collection of bikes, equipment, chatter and noise. This is perhaps the nicest camp site yet, the trees providing some shade for those who just want a lay down. I spend the afternoon drinking another 1-2 bottles of water. Cheryl reminds me about taking antibiotics.

Riders meeting led by Tim this evening; briefing especially on the tricky descent and then major climb tomorrow. Another good dinner by Chelsea and crew; early to bed.

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